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Spring 2014 Trip, Day 1: First glimpse of Jeju

After the eventful morning, it was a big relief to touch down in Jeju and arrive at the guesthouse without any big hurdles. Got my first glimpse of the public bus in Jeju when I boarded one (bus no. 100) from the airport to get to YEHA Guesthouse (City Hall branch). That wasn’t the best decision since the buses were not designed for lugggage – I had to haul my heavy bags up some steps when boarding and found that my bags blocked half of the narrow aisle. Luckily the  locals who boarded from the other bus-stops along the route were very tolerant and didn’t give as much as a peep or a squeak nor a glare as they squeezed their way past my bags to the back of the bus.

2014-04-10 16.50.45
YEHA Guesthouse (City Hall), my abode for 3 nights

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