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Food I had in Seoul (Spring 2014 trip)

Actual days of travel: 13-14 Apr & 16-19 Apr in Seoul

While there are quite a lot of halal restaurants in Seoul, they are not evenly distributed around the city, with many concentrated in the Itaewon area. As I chose not so stay in the Itaewon area (as it is far from other attractions), before the trip I had to do quite a bit of research to find out where I could get vegetarian/halal-friendly food around the places I planned to stay at or visit. The research paid off and I rarely found myself hungry with no viable options nearby (people who’ve travelled with me before know how grumpy I can get when it’s lunchtime but we can’t find food or need to travel some more to get food). So here goes, my brief review of the places I had a chance to dine at back in April 2014. They include Oh Sae Gae Hyang, Gwangjang Market & Murree Restaurant Hope fellow Muslim travellers or vegetarians will find the post useful.

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Food I had in Jeju (Spring 2014 trip)

Actual dates of travel: 10-13 Apr 2014

When travelling, I try to look for halal food, or halal-friendly food. However, in Korea, it is difficult to find halal-certified food outside of major cities like Seoul and Busan. Even in these cities, the options are limited. Also, I wanted to try some local cuisine, ‘cos isn’t that one of the fun aspects of travelling? That’s where the halal-friendly options came into play. By halal-friendly, I mean food from places that are not certified halal, but whereby the food itself is from permissible sources (e.g. seafood or vegetables) and there is little or no risk of contamination with non-permissible items (i.e., the shop doesn’t sell non-halal meat). Here, I share the places where I found such food in Jeju.

[Update, 1 July 2015: You can view the locations of most of the restaurants below + other halal-friendly options on my customised Jeju Map; https://seoulnme.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/my-jeju-map/

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Autumn 2014 Trip: Final Itinerary

Cycling along the Han River
Cycling along the Han River

The autumn trip finally happened and needless to say, I had a fantastic time! The photo above captures one of the key highlights of the trip, which was cycling along the Han River. In that sense, my dream of cycling IN Korea really came true, though that is really not the same as cycling across Korea, which I hope I get to do some day.

Anyway, here goes, my trip itinerary. Will be updating with hyperlinks to posts about each day’s activities as those get written. So this post will function as a sort of directory for the posts on this trip.

Day 1: 9 Nov, Flight to Seoul

Day 2: 10 Nov, Seoul: Ewha Woman’s University, Gwangjang Market, Chonggyecheon Stream

Day 3: 11 Nov, Seoul: Cycling from Yeouido Park to Ttukseom Forest, Myeongdong

Day 4: 12 Nov, Seoul: Namdaemun Market, Movie at Sincheon CGV

Day 5: 13 Nov, Seoul – Busan on KTX, Gamcheon Culture Village, BIFF Square

Day 6: 14 Nov, Busan: City tour bus to Taejongdae, Haeundae Beach, Busan Aquarium

Day 7: 15 Nov, Busan – Suncheon on S-Train, Suncheon Bay

Day 8: 16 Nov, Suncheon – Seoul on KTX, Insadong

Day 9: 17 Nov, Seoul: Nami Island, Garusogil

Day 10: 18 Nov, Seoul: Insadong, Ewha

Day 11: 19 Nov, Seoul: Gwangnaru Han River Park, Cycling from Paldang – Neungnae

Day 12: 20 Nov, Return flight to Singapore

Autumn 2014 Trip: Planning

Who’d have thought I’ll be going to Korea twice in a year? Just happens that I’m getting a few weeks break in between jobs and thus have a chance to travel. Korea is the natural choice given how much fun I had on my trip there this past spring, It’s also much easier to plan a trip to somewhere one has been to before. Yup, just like the last time, I’m self-planning the trip. It’s not easy, with a million and one decisions to weigh, but so very fun!

In anticipation of future posts on the trip this time round, I started a new blog category (Autumn 2014) and commemorating it with this post 🙂

Let’s start with my itinerary. For now, only the first 3 days are more or less confirmed.

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Spring 2014 Trip, Day 2: Jeju-do (My first Olle Trail :Route 5)

Update (7 Mar 16): You can now download the Jeju Olle Trail Guide in English here (pdf file). 

Coastal view along Jeju Olle Route 5
Coastal view along Jeju Olle Route 5

The romance and beauty of Jeju had long been the stuff of my dreams. It was formed through several years of watching variety shows featuring Jeju, such as 1N2D, We Got Married and Family Outing. (Scroll below for some links to the relevant episodes of these shows with subtitles. You’re welcome :)). I had also watched many dramas featuring Jeju; Boys Over Flowers being one of the more famous ones. Visiting Jeju was definitely top of my list on my Korea trip.

While the evening before, I had managed to catch some glimpses of Jeju’s famous coastline, I knew that was just the tip of the iceberg and I ain’t seen nothing yet… so when Day 2 dawned, I was practically hopping with excitement to explore the island. I chose to do so partly on foot, by hiking along one of Jeju’s famous olle trails. Route 5 was my trail of choice.

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Spring 2014 Trip: Travelling around Jeju

Update (7 Mar ’16): You can get the most updated Jeju bus route map here, at the Jeju Tourism Organisation blog. The JTO blog also has a pictorial guide on how to take public buses around Jeju.

I had read that travelling by public transport on Jeju island was not easy and travel forums were full of enquiries about full-day taxi services. However, taking one of those services sounded too excessive for a single traveller, as it would generally cost between 120,000 to 150,000 won (abt 150-180 SGD).

The other option was to take bus tours and YEHA Guesthouse offers 3 different routes, costing only about 79,000 won each (before a 10,000 won discount for guesthouse customers). However, further examination of the bus tour routes revealed that there were certain places I would not be interested in.  In addition, the lunch-stops that were included in the tour packages were at non-halal places.

There is also a Jeju city tour bus with a hop-on hop-off format for a mere 5,000 won; however, that will only take you to attractions in Jeju-city, covering only a small part of the island.

Jeju city bus tour pick-up point
Jeju city bus tour pick-up point

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