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Korea cycling trip: fuelling the dream (1)

My new ride
My new ride

So, I’ve been taking baby-steps towards my dream of having a biking trip in Korea. Just got a new folding bicycle (a Vert V8) so I can take my bike on public transport on weekends in search of nice cycling paths around Singapore. The weather’s only cool enough to cycle in the early morning and late afternoon here, of course, and that means having to wake up early on weekends. In fact, one of the reasons I want to go to Korea (in spring/auumn) to cycle is ‘cos the weather’s much cooler, like it was in Jeju when I went in April.

Besides getting a bike, I’ve also been doing research about cycling paths in Korea. In this post, will share 2 useful videos that I’ve come across:

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Korea Cycling Trip: The Dream

All grand adventures begin with a dream. My dream is to do a cycling trip in Korea. Someday. Very soon. Maybe in Spring next year?

I must confess, the dream kinda came out of nowhere. I’m not a sporty person at all, and have never cycled more than a kilometer or two at a stretch. All I am equipped with at the moment is my old Urata folding bike ( a birthday present from abt 6 yrs ago, and only used a handful of times), and my experience walking one of the Jeju olle trails (well, one of the trails…. Err, ok, only part of one of the trails). But recently I started to become interested on cycling as a way to keep fit. So why not combine it with my love for traveling? By setting the target of doing a cycling trip next year, hopefully it will spur me on to start cycling regularly and slowly build up my stamina. 

My old, underutilised, Urata folding bike. Far from a Brompton.
On the Jeju olle trail 5 earlier this year

So, ambitious though the dream may be, I’m going to try to hold on to it as hard as I can so that my grand adventure will become a reality. By Spring next year, I will have a cool new folded bike n racked up some experience doing cycling trips around Singapore. In between my blog posts about my trip this spring (of which I am only halfway done), I will also be posting about my prep for the grand cycling adventure next year. Stay tuned!