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Autumn 2014 Trip: Final Itinerary

Cycling along the Han River
Cycling along the Han River

The autumn trip finally happened and needless to say, I had a fantastic time! The photo above captures one of the key highlights of the trip, which was cycling along the Han River. In that sense, my dream of cycling IN Korea really came true, though that is really not the same as cycling across Korea, which I hope I get to do some day.

Anyway, here goes, my trip itinerary. Will be updating with hyperlinks to posts about each day’s activities as those get written. So this post will function as a sort of directory for the posts on this trip.

Day 1: 9 Nov, Flight to Seoul

Day 2: 10 Nov, Seoul: Ewha Woman’s University, Gwangjang Market, Chonggyecheon Stream

Day 3: 11 Nov, Seoul: Cycling from Yeouido Park to Ttukseom Forest, Myeongdong

Day 4: 12 Nov, Seoul: Namdaemun Market, Movie at Sincheon CGV

Day 5: 13 Nov, Seoul – Busan on KTX, Gamcheon Culture Village, BIFF Square

Day 6: 14 Nov, Busan: City tour bus to Taejongdae, Haeundae Beach, Busan Aquarium

Day 7: 15 Nov, Busan – Suncheon on S-Train, Suncheon Bay

Day 8: 16 Nov, Suncheon – Seoul on KTX, Insadong

Day 9: 17 Nov, Seoul: Nami Island, Garusogil

Day 10: 18 Nov, Seoul: Insadong, Ewha

Day 11: 19 Nov, Seoul: Gwangnaru Han River Park, Cycling from Paldang – Neungnae

Day 12: 20 Nov, Return flight to Singapore


Korea cycling trip: fuelling the dream (1)

My new ride
My new ride

So, I’ve been taking baby-steps towards my dream of having a biking trip in Korea. Just got a new folding bicycle (a Vert V8) so I can take my bike on public transport on weekends in search of nice cycling paths around Singapore. The weather’s only cool enough to cycle in the early morning and late afternoon here, of course, and that means having to wake up early on weekends. In fact, one of the reasons I want to go to Korea (in spring/auumn) to cycle is ‘cos the weather’s much cooler, like it was in Jeju when I went in April.

Besides getting a bike, I’ve also been doing research about cycling paths in Korea. In this post, will share 2 useful videos that I’ve come across:

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