Food I had in Seoul (Summer 2015 trip)

Actual days of travel: 7-9 Aug & 13-16 Aug 

Great news for Muslims visiting Seoul. There are now many more halal food options for you to try out. Best of all, they are authentic Korean food. So you no longer have to depend on just Muree at Itaewon (where the food is only so-so).

Let me share about the ones I discovered on my recent trip.

1 – BoA Tavel House

Takeaway bento from BoA Travel House (Hongdae)
Takeaway bento from BoA Travel House (Hongdae)

What: Bento sets (Left: Kimchi fried rice & teokbokki, Right: Gimbap & Teokbokki )

How much: 8000 won each

halal dosirak menu

Where: Boa Travel House (Hongdae)

Yup! You didn’t read wrongly. BoA Travel House, the popular guesthouse in Hongdae, now offers halal bento sets for takeaway. They get their halal ingredients at Itaewon. However, pls note that the restaurant is not halal-certified, so it’s really up to your own judgement whether you are comfortable eating the food.

Also, they advise that you order at least 1 day in advance by sending them a facebook message. They responded promptly to my message (within a few hours) and even sent a reminder message on the day I was supposed to pick up my order. In addition, they do not do delivery, meaning you must make the trip down to the guesthouse to pick up your order. Which is not a major issue since Hongdae is a major tourist attraction in its own right – so either arrange for your accommodation to be in Hongdae, or order this on a day that you are planning to visit Hongdae anyway. The food was pretty tasty, and the portion was big (one bento could be a meal for 2!). The 2 of us ordered 2 sets and had quite a lot of leftovers that we kept in the fridge overnight and reheated for breakfast.

2- Eid Restaurant 

What: Samgyetang (chicken and ginseng soup) and beef bulgogi

Samgyetang from Eid Restaurant
Samgyetang from Eid Restaurant
Beef Bulgogi from Eid Restaurant (Itaewon)
Beef Bulgogi from Eid Restaurant (Itaewon)

How much: 8,000 – 12,000 won

Where: Eid Restaurant (Itaewon)

Map of Eid Restaurant in Itaewon
Map of Eid Restaurant in Itaewon

This was my best find of the Seoul trip this time… finally, another halal restaurant serving authentic Korean food. This was a great alternative to Muree (wasn’t impressed in the food there the last time round). Owned by a Muslim Korean family, service was warm and food was great! The menu is rather limited, usually with only 4 mains listed, like bulgogi, samgyetang, and a few other rotating items. But no matter, for I shall say again, the food is great! The bulgogi was nicely cooked and seasonsed, so was moist and tender. The samgyetang too, had tender chicken (portion was a half-chicken.. chicken was small, but just nice for 1 person). The plum tea served after the meal was a nice touch. Restaurant is rather small – can fit around 16-20 pax perhaps.. so do make a reservation if you are visiting in a large group. Recently (after my trip), they announced that they are starting a delivery service! That’s great news ‘cos Itaewon was a bit out of the way for me.

3-  Makan Restaurant

Where: Makan Restaurant (Itaewon)

Just a few doors away from Eid Restaurant (between the Seoul Mosque and Eid) is the less well-known Makan Restaurant. I didn’t eat there, but had a glance at the menu – looks more extensive than Eid’s, including both Korean and Indian menu items. Of course, no idea about the taste, but must be pretty decent going by the reviews on their FB page. Will definitely try on my next trip!

makan restaurant

For other halal/Muslim-friendly dining options, refer to my personalised Map of Seoul.


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