Korea Summer Trip 2015

Saw Korea in spring and autumn last year, so hv planned a summer trip this time round. Bought my air tics yesterday.. Flying out to seoul on 7 Aug and returning on 16 aug. This time I hope to do much more cycling compared to my autumn trip when I just did some sections along the han river in seoul.
Just haven’t decided whether to do Jeju Round Island, or tackle (part of) the Seoul-Busan route. Also vaguely wondering whether I should try and find a travel buddy this time round, cos the thought of cycling alone is scary!! Dun think any of my friends wld be keen to join though 😦 I have heard of a group cycling trip for foreigners starting from seoul, but I think tt will be in June.

Anyway, at least my flight is sorted!



2 thoughts on “Korea Summer Trip 2015”

  1. hi miss Rara.. i’m planning on going to Korea this year.. i’m looking for travel buddy since i’m going solo. i,m a muslimah as well and really concern about halal food. if you’re interested please contact me maybe we can have a trip together

    1. Hi Anisa. Nice to hear from you. Can you leave your email address in a comment pls, so I can get in touch. I will not publish your comment; that way no one else will see yr email add.

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